Sexy lingerie outdoor selfie

Sexy lingerie outdoor selfie

Sexy lingerie outdoor selfie


With the increasing popularity of social media, more and more people have begun to take selfies outdoors.At the same time, fun underwear, as a fashion element, has also begun to occupy a place in outdoor selfies.

Suitable for sexy underwear selfies environment

Interest underwear is a fashion element that shows women’s beautiful figure and sexy temperament. Therefore, it is suitable for selfies in some sexy, romantic, and temperamental environments, such as beaches, parks, ancient cities, night views, etc.

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Choose the right sexy underwear

The choice of erotic underwear directly affects the selfie effect. You should choose the right style according to your figure, such as long skirts, suspenders, revealing, lace, etc. At the same time, you must also consider the environment and temperament of the place where you are.

Sexy underwear with different temperament styles

Different temperament styles also need to cooperate with different sexy lingerie.For example, a pure temperament can choose the sexy underwear of the pink or white series, the sexy temperament can choose the black series of sexy underwear, and the mature temperament can choose the red series of sexy underwear.

Choose the right shooting angle

It is also very important to choose a suitable angle when taking selfies. For example, you can use tools such as mirrors, reflector, and selfie rods to try different shooting angles to find the best shooting effect.

Pay attention to color matching

In selfies, color matching also needs to be paid attention to. You can achieve more harmonious results through the color matching of sexy underwear and surrounding environment.

Master a good posture and movement

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In addition to the temperament style and color matching of sexy underwear, good posture and movements are also essential. For example, the chest -raising, sideways, lying posture, standing posture, etc., can highlight the sexy charm of sexy underwear.

Pay attention to privacy protection

When taking selfies outdoors, pay attention to privacy protection to avoid random showing your own sexy underwear to strangers. You can choose a more hidden place before shooting, or choose to shoot at the time of less people.

Use filter and post -processing

After shooting, you can choose to use filter and post -processing tools to enhance shooting effects, such as VSCO, PS, LR and other commonly used tools.


The outdoor selfie of sexy underwear is a reflection of fashion elements. It can show his sexy charm while looking for beautiful scenery.But at the same time, you also need to pay attention to privacy protection to avoid exposing your privacy information because of selfies.