Scam sex underwear

Scam sex underwear

Scam sex underwear

With the popularity of the Internet, more and more people choose to buy sexy underwear online.However, there are also some criminals that use consumers’ curiosity and desires to use various means for fraud.This article will introduce the ways and preventive measures of scamming underwear in detail.

1. Fictional products

Scammers usually post some low -cost pictures, and they are exaggerated to make consumers, so that they think they have bought a cheap and cheap sexy underwear.After the goods were really received, consumers found that fictional goods were fundamentally different from the purchased goods.Therefore, when buying, you must see the product information clearly, choose a physical store or a reputable merchant to buy.

2. Collection of deposits

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In order to make consumers order, scammers usually ask consumers to pay a certain deposit for various reasons.After consumers pay the money, they can no longer contact the seller.Therefore, before paying the money, consumers must figure out information such as seller’s credibility and trading rules, and do not trust strange websites or sellers.

3. counterfeit brand

In order to earn more profits, some criminals will produce illegal production and sales of counterfeit brands.Consumers are often attracted by the low prices of counterfeit brands, thus embarking on the road to deceived.Therefore, when choosing a brand, you must understand the true information of the brand and carefully verify the certification logo of the merchant.

4. conceal important information

In order to deceive consumers, some scammers will deliberately conceal important information in the introduction of the product, such as size and material.After consumers got the goods, they found that it was very different from the web page introduction.Therefore, when buying, you must pay attention to see the product information provided by the seller, especially whether the important information is complete, and cannot listen to the promise of the merchant.

5. Fake evaluation

In order to improve their credibility, scammers often deceive consumers through false transaction evaluations.When buying, look at more product evaluations, not only to see reviews and bad reviews, but also pay attention to the evaluation of consumers, and combine their own purchase needs to choose.

6. Add consumption

In order to allow consumers to spend more money, some scammers will use various means to add additional consumption.For example, when you have ordered sex underwear, tell consumers who need to buy additional products, or provide value -added services, and then ask consumers to pay more money.When buying, you should consider it carefully and refuse unnecessary additional consumption.


7. counterfeit website

Scammers will imitate some well -known sexy underwear websites, using similar websites, pages and trademarks to confuse consumers and guide them to pay.At this time, consumers must verify whether the websites they are accessed are regular and credible. It is necessary to see the trademarks on the website. For some chain brand stores, they should go to the official website to check whether they are authorized.

8. False sales strategy

The scammers use people’s psychology to make new and fast psychology, publish some so -called limited -sale products, or promote gifts to guide people to shop, but often try their best to sell products that are not specially sold, or deliberately deceive consumers on gifts.Let them fall into a shopping trap.Don’t be greedy for small and cheap when shopping, find reputable merchants to shop.

9. illegal list

In order to increase sales, some criminals will drill the law of law to list some illegal or fraud in the product, such as the so -called "sanitary license", but conceal some important information and deceive consumers.When buying, you must pay attention to verifying whether the goods are legal and compliant.

10. Fake authentication

Some scammers also forge the certification and testing agencies to promote products to achieve the purpose of deceiving consumers.At this time, consumers can directly consult the certification agency to verify the authenticity of the certificate, or check the information of the product such as consumer evaluation and test report to understand the product.


When buying sexy underwear, consumers must consume rationally, carefully verify the product information, and choose a reputable merchant to buy.In addition, pay more attention to consumer evaluations, especially those medium evaluations, and cannot listen to the exaggerated publicity of merchants or add consumption.Only through their own rational consumption and multi -channel query can consumers better protect their own interests and prevent fraud.