Open file sex underwear three -point style

Open file sex underwear three -point style

Open crotch sex lingerie three -point style

Sexy underwear is a new fashion of modern women. One of the most sexy models is "three -point style of opening crotch sex underwear".This underwear has different shapes and styles, but the core is still the same, they all have a small pocket to the lower part.In this article, we will explore the various types and uses of three -point three -point type of sexy underwear.

What is open crotch and sexy underwear three -point

The three -point style of open crotch sex lingerie is a unique sexy underwear. Its name comes from its unique design, which is divided into two parts, and the opening of the lower part.Three -point underwear is usually composed of a bra, a lower body, and a Gxian or T -shaped pants.Among them, the lower part consists of a detachable module, like a small pocket.

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Various styles and shapes

There are many different styles and shapes in open crotch sex lingerie, including different colors, materials and design patterns.One of the common shapes is a unique lace, grid or other transparent materials with stitching.Another is made of a variety of materials and yarns and lace. They are characterized by more refined and more suitable for special occasions.


The three -point style of open crotch sex lingerie has stimulated many fashion trends. Most people see it as a "sexy" clothing. Therefore, many people will wear them to participate in gatherings, parties, celebrations, and so on.In addition, many women will wear three -point charm to themselves in special occasions, such as celebrating some particular things, put on the three -point style of open crotch and sexy underwear.


The three -point style of open crotch sex lingerie can not only have fashion use, but also play a great role in sexual life.There is an advantage of open crotch underwear, that is, they can facilitate sex.Don’t worry about taking off your underwear. If your partner is suddenly excited, just use your opening.Women can put on it and bring more sexual pleasure to their partners.In addition, many women also choose to wear open crotch sex underwear to participate in the sex party.

How to choose your open crotch sex underwear three -point

When choosing your own open crotch erotic underwear, you need to consider the following aspects:

Style: What types of underwear do you want to wear?


Color: What color do you like?

Size: How large do you wear underwear?

Material: What kind of underwear do you like?

When you consider these four aspects, you can choose the three -point three -point formula for your own open crotch sex lingerie.

Conservation of open crotch sex lingerie

In order to keep your crotch sexy underwear in a good condition, you need to pay attention to the following aspects:

Hand washing: Avoid using a washing machine.

Avoid using bleach and hot water to prevent clothes from losing color and shape.

Drying: dry in the sun, so as to avoid bacterial breeding.

Save: Divide the underwear in the wardrobe.

in conclusion

The three -point style of open crotch sex lingerie is a popular costume.This underwear can be used for fashion and sex, and there are many styles, shapes and sizes to choose from.If you want to buy such a sexy underwear, you need to consider style, color, size and materials.Finally, you need to pay special attention to the protection and storage methods to ensure that your underwear is maintained in a good state.