Sex underwear change

Sex underwear change

1. Overview: the origin and development of sexy underwear

Sexy underwear is a sexy and stylish clothing that originated in the European and American markets.With the changes in people’s sexual concepts, sexy underwear has gradually become popular.The earliest sexy underwear was mainly sexy. Later, it gradually developed a variety of styles such as exaggeration, cuteness, romance, to meet the needs of different consumer groups.

2. New material: Create a more comfortable dressing experience

In the past, sexy underwear was mostly made of polyester, cotton and other materials. It was not only uncomfortable to wear, but also caused allergies.Nowadays, new materials such as lace and silk have become the mainstream of sexy underwear. Its breathability, better fit, and higher comfort.

3. Multiple styles: meet different consumer needs

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Interest underwear has expanded from a single sexy style to cute, fresh, romantic and sexy style to meet the needs of different consumers.In addition, the design of various styles such as three -point, hollow, and thongs is more diversified.

Fourth, popularization: no longer just professional toys

In the past, sexy underwear was considered a professional toy and was only suitable for wearing in sex.And now sexy underwear has been popularized, becoming a fashionable and sexy daily underwear.More and more women are happy to wear sexy underwear to enhance their self -confidence and charm.

5. Men’s market: new consumer groups of sexy underwear

With the change of consumer concepts, sexy underwear has gradually begun to occupy a place in the male market.It is a man’s gift, the surprise of Valentine’s Day, and the romantic birthday gifts that can be a sexy underwear for women.

6. Brand: The sexy underwear industry chain gradually improves

With the significant growth of the sexy underwear market, its industrial chain is gradually improving.Many brands have begun to emerge, and domestic and foreign sex lingerie brands such as Playboy, Kochi, Aimer, etc. have gradually expanded their market share.

Seven, free match: sexy underwear and other clothing match

In the past, sexy underwear can only be used to wear on sex occasions, but now it can be paired with a variety of different ways of dressing in different ways, such as with different items such as knitted sweaters, shirts, shorts, jeans and other items to further display sexy and side.

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8. Sustainable development: Fun underwear develops in the direction of environmental protection

On the basis of traditional materials, more and more sexy lingerie brands are focusing on environmental protection issues.Many brands have begun to use sustainable development of environmental protection materials to reduce the impact on the environment.

Nine, online sales: e -commerce platform becomes the main channel of sales

With the continuous development of Internet technology, the online sales channels of sexy underwear are becoming more mature.Taobao, and other e -commerce platforms have become the main sales channels for sexy underwear brands. Consumers can buy their favorite sexy underwear without leaving home.

10. Conclusion: Sexy underwear will continue to develop forward

As people’s acceptance of sexual life gradually increases, the market for sex underwear will become larger and larger.Therefore, the design, materials, sales, etc. of sexy underwear will continue to iterate and upgrade, presenting a beautiful side in the best form, becoming a fashionable and sexy clothing.