Sex underwear interview movie

Sex underwear interview movie


Interesting underwear has always been the good heart of many women.In -depth understanding of love underwear not only reflects the sexy of women, but also increases interest and vitality.In real life, sexy underwear has also played different roles, and many movies also use sexy underwear to improve the sexy index of movies.Today, this article will bring you some sexy underwear interview movies, so that everyone can better understand the use of affectionate underwear in the movie.

The first movie: Blue Valentine’s Day

Blue Valentine’s Day is a American love movie directed by Lesley Campbell.The film is about to come back to the background of a simple wedding, telling the compound process of a pair of divorced men and women.In this movie, the heroine Emma is wearing a red and sexy underwear, making the actor Stephen’s heart beat violently.The use of red sexy underwear has cleverly realized emotional sublimation in the movie.

The second movie: the self -cultivation of the actor

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"Actor’s Self -cultivation" is a Korean movie. It tells the story of a older couple. The actor Zhang Luffan gave his wife a set of sexual erotic lingerie, causing his wife’s displeased.Through the presentation of this element, the fun of the film is added, and it also shows the emotional interaction between husband and wife.

The third movie: King’s speech

"The King’s Speech" tells the story of the difficulty of speeches that happened during the throne period of George VI in the United Kingdom, and began a intimate relationship with a mentor Bet Lyon.In the film, Better brought a set of pink pour lingerie to George VI, so that George’s nerves were released and relaxed.This detail makes the character look very real and enriches the content of the movie.

The fourth movie: Sleeping curse

"Sleeping Mantra" is a fairy tale movie shot by the United States Disney, adapted from the story of the same name.In the movie, the heroine Aurora is wearing a blue sex underwear, adding the diversity of the movie.

Fifth movie: marble cattle

"Dali Cow" tells the story between a teenager and a marble cattle.In the movie, the goddess appearing in the teenager’s dream wears a set of black sexy underwear, adding a dreamy atmosphere, and adding the mystery and emotional atmosphere of the movie.

Sixth Movie: Crimson Witch

"Crimson Witch" is a love story about Japanese kabuki.In the movie, the heroine’s red coat is wearing a white erotic underwear, showing her loyalty and sadness in traditional Japanese society.Two different cultural elements are impressive in the movie.


Seventh movie: Twilight City

"Twilight City" is a movie with the theme of vampires and human love.In the movie, the heroine Elizabeth wore white and sexy lingerie to create her mystery and attractiveness.

Eighth movie: still love you

"Still Love You" tells the story of a pair of young men and women embarked on a new life.In the movie, the actor Yu Qiao did many stupid things, and finally gave the heroine Yu Qiao a set of pink pour porn underwear.This happy and happy small detail makes the movie more realistic.

The ninth film: mad dance school

"Mad Dance" is a movie about dance and love.In the movie, the heroine Catherine is wearing a sexy and fun underwear, making the audience pay more attention to the emotional bondage between characters, and also increases the sexy index of the movie.

Tenth Movie: Rome Holiday

"Roman Holiday" is a classic romantic movie, telling the story between a pair of lovers.In the movie, the heroine Anna is wearing a black sexy underwear. In front of the classic railings, she shows her elegance and sexy.This scene is in line with the breath of the city of Rome.


The above is the application of some scenarios describing the application of sexy underwear in the movie.Rich colors and vibrant emotions have made these sexy underwear play an important role in the movie, adding a lot to the movie.In short, the role of sexy underwear in the movie is very great, which also leaves the audience to leave an unforgettable impression.