Sexy underwear bisirbinage school tuning

Sexy underwear bisirbinage school tuning

The meaning of sexy underwear bisirusca school tuning

Sexy underwear bisirbon tuning has become a activity of many couples to perform sex games.This game can not only increase the joy between couples, but also increase trust and mutual understanding between them.

Choose the right sexy underwear

Before the game, you need to buy the right sexy underwear.The appropriateness here does not only refer to the style that suits you and his partner, but also consider whether it is in line with the role -playing that the two sides expect.

How to choose a sexy jacket

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When buying, you need to consider multiple aspects, such as size, color, material and use.You can choose the most suitable sexy underwear according to your own needs, and you must also consider the factors required by your partner.

Role -playing of both sides

In the game, the two sides must have a clear role -playing.For example, one person plays a teacher, teaches another person to read, or plays a police and criminals.This role -playing can make the game more interesting.

Care rules setting

Before the game, both parties need to clarify the rules of behavior in the game.For example, abuse, abuse, oral sex and training, etc. In order not to affect the feelings of both parties, to ensure that both sides understand the boundaries of the game.

Create a suitable atmosphere

In the game, a suitable atmosphere is needed.You can use appropriate auxiliary tools such as candlelight, music and aroma. These elements can allow both sides to experience the fun of the game in deeper.

The body’s stroke and kiss

In the game, the bodies of both sides should be tightly contacted, gradually heating up in touching and kissing each other, entering the peak of the game.


Preparation before sex

Before the game starts, it is necessary to make full preparation.Interest underwear, props, etc. must be prepared in advance to ensure health and safety.

Exchanges and trust

During the game, we must ensure that the communication between the two parties can listen and understand each other.Only trust can make the game go on.

Care and adjustment after game

After the game, you must psychologically dredge and care for the two parties. You need to listen to the feedback from the other party, find a suitable adjustment method to prepare for the next game.


The process of sexy underwear bisirbin -to -sex tuning requires the trust and understanding of each other. Only in harmony can the best experience be obtained.Through such a game, not only can it increase the emotions between couples, but also to increase the understanding of each other’s sex, so that the two sides will be more harmonious in future sexual life.However, it should be noted that for problems such as discomfort or pain, the game should be stopped in time and excluded risk factors to protect health.