Sexy underwear model novel self -telling story

Sexy underwear model novel self -telling story

My sexy underwear model road

My name is Xiaohui, a sexy underwear model, which is my self -described story.

Excavated adventure

In fact, I never thought of becoming a sexy underwear model.One day, when I was walking on the street, I was pulled by a beautiful woman, and she said that I had the potential of models.

Join the model industry

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I accepted her invitation and came to the audition scene of a sexy underwear brand.I put on the brand’s sexy underwear, facing the camera, showing my figure.A few days later, the brand of the brand found me and said that I passed the audition.

Hard training

After becoming a sexy underwear model, my life is not good.I have to train every day to maintain a good figure and posture.I must maintain my state to meet the brand’s requirements and customer expectations.

Successful modeling career

After a period of hard work, under the recommendation of the brand, I started to receive more sexy underwear shooting tasks, and my name began to be widely known in the industry.Every time I shoot, I will appear in the best state, so I can show the beauty of sexy underwear.

Unknown bitterness

However, the modeling industry is not as beautiful as imagined.Sometimes I meet the invitation of bad vendors, and even encounter some uncivilized customers.I must keep vigilance, and my safety cannot be taken lightly.

Reflection of model life

I started to think, why do we wear sexy sexy underwear to show our body?Is it only considered to be beautiful if this is the body?

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Value of sex underwear

Later, I started to realize the true value of sexy underwear.Interest underwear is not only a tool for showing the body, but also the charm of human nature.It provides a different and colorful experience, allowing people to enjoy the beauty of sex.

People think of sexy underwear

People’s views on sexy underwear are not completely correct.Some people often think that wearing erotic underwear is indulgence.However, those who really wear sexy underwear will feel satisfied, happy and confident.Interest underwear is a kind of respect for sex, an expression of love and beauty.

my point of view

I have gone on the road of sexy underwear for a long time, and my deep love underwear brings various feelings.I hope that more people can understand the true value of sexy underwear, and do not look at it with a limited vision.It is a manifestation of beauty, the expression of romance and lust of temperament.Fun underwear model endorses it to endorses it.