Sexy underwear top 100 list

Sexy underwear top 100 list


With the gradual opening of people’s sexual concepts, sexy underwear has become one of the popular categories of the consumer market today.Various brands, styles, and materials of sexy underwear have been listed, making consumers unable to choose.Here, we have collected a hundred boutiques in the recent sex underwear market, helping consumers to quickly understand the characteristics of underwear of various brands, and avoid blind consumption.


Lolaluna is a well -known European underwear brand. It is famous for its exquisite lace and small beads, suitable for pursuing high -quality and sexy women.The brand launched "leg pressweed" is particularly popular, highlighting the leg lines while adjusting the body shape, making women more confident.

Brand 2: AUBADE

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AUBADE underwear comes from France’s high -end brands. It is known for its exquisite design, high quality, and fit.Its representative products are 3/4 cups of bra, which reduces the flesh around the armpit and makes the chest shape more beautiful.In addition, AUBADE’s sexy underwear attracts attention with an innovative technology and makes women exude sexy charm.

Brand 3: Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret is one of the world’s largest beauty underwear companies, and the "Angel" series brand launched is popular.The designers focus on designing underwear for the actual situation of women’s body, so that they can shape their perfect figure without restraining the natural breathing of the body.In addition, the pure cotton fabric and exquisite details of the sexy underwear series make women experience different comfort.

Brand 4: Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein’s underwear brand is known for its simple style, high -quality materials and sophisticated quality, and is well -favored by consumers.The brand’s sexy lingerie series pays attention to women’s soft style, mainly with lace and silk fabrics, showing women’s sexy and charm.

Brand 5: Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur is a brand dominated by sexy underwear and sex products. It leads the market with elegant, funny and creative marketing methods.The brand’s sexy lingerie series focuses on details, and the sexy and teasing style is called "Blue Rome".

Brand 6: La Perla

La Perla is a brand dominated by top women’s underwear. It highlights the natural and gentle atmosphere, and pays special attention to the portrayal of women’s figure.The brand’s sexy lingerie series contains respect and pursuit of women’s bodies. It is mainly linen and cotton. The overall style looks pure and soft.

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Brand 7: The Little Bra Company

The Little Bra Company is a American brand that focuses on designing underwear for women below A, so that they can also wear charm.The brand focuses on comfort and the accuracy of the model. Their sex underwear series highlights the romantic feelings of women, creating an elegant, elegant, sexy and fresh atmosphere.

Brand 8: HUNKEM? Ller

Hunkem? Ller is a well -known Underwear brand in the Netherlands. The models are selected from many countries. They have exquisite models and high fit, occupying a place in the consumer market.The brand’s sexy underwear series is very suitable for young women. Most of them are mainly minimalist styles. They are characterized by paint materials and perspective mesh design, creating a sexy and avant -garde trend atmosphere.

Brand 9: Wolford

Wolford is the top underwear brand of Austria, known for high -quality fabrics and extreme comfort.The brand’s sexy lingerie series still follows the high -quality tradition. The details have captured the essence of women’s beauty, incorporated into modern popular elements, showing a kind of feminine charm.

Brand 10: Triumph

Triumph is a widely popular underwear brand. With rich production experience and inheritance cultural heritage, it has been trusted by many women.The brand’s sexy lingerie series design is simple and generous, allowing women to show their own charm and be chosen by many consumers.


Each brand has its own characteristics. They have some prominent comfort, some are sexy, and they are good at using special materials and texture to create a unique effect of visual vision, while they pay attention to the elegant atmosphere such as nature and tenderness.Consumers should make choices according to their own needs and body shape when purchasing sexy underwear.