Stars’ sexy underwear

Stars' sexy underwear

Stars’ sexy underwear

Stars can always bring us some novelty elements, and sexy underwear is loved by many stars as a sexy way. Let us take a look at the stars’ sexy lingerie!

Sexy and cute Miranda Kerrner

Miranda Kerr is one of the loyal lovers of sexy underwear. She often share photos wearing sexy underwear on social media.Miranda Kerr’s sexy lingerie is often mainly cute and sexy. She likes decorations such as flowers, lace, etc. These elements can make her more cute and attractive.

Sexy and noble Rihanna

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Rihanna is one of the well -known sexy idols, and her sexy lingerie is also very good.Rihanna’s sexy underwear is usually black or red, it looks very noble, and the lines are beautiful and the design is simple and sexy.

Gyssor Bangchen, who is sexy and cold

Giselle Bangchen is a famous supermodel. Her sexy lingerie is usually very sexy and cold.She likes to wear black sexy underwear and fish net socks. She looks very atmospheric, and Gisel’s body conditions are very good. It is also very sexy to wear sexy underwear.

Sexy and romantic Marilyn Monroe

The name of Marilyn Monroe is synonymous with sexy and romantic, and her sexy lingerie is naturally unique.Marilyn Monroe’s sexy underwear is usually pink. The material of lace and silk is very suitable for her character. Her underwear rarely chooses more complicated styles, but she uses a simple and clear design to highlight her sexy.feature.

Gorgeous and luxurious Kate Mos

Kate Mos is a well -known fashion queen, and her appearance is very good.Kate Mos’s sexy lingerie is often dominated by gorgeous and luxurious. She likes to use aristocratic gorgeous stitching decorations, which looks very mature and charming.

Cute and natural Daisy Lof

Daisy Lof is a very cute and natural actress, and her sexy lingerie is also very cute.Daisy La’s sexy underwear is usually based on lace and small flowers. It looks very sweet and cute, and it is very suitable for her personal style.

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Jessica Alba, full of tension

Jessica Alba is a sexy and vibrant actor, and her sexy lingerie is also very good.Jessica Alba’s sexy underwear usually uses a large area of lace and fish net fabric to highlight her sexy characteristics. Her figure is very burly and healthy.charm.

Simple and fashionable Kande West

Kanye West is a well -known fashion pioneer, and his sexy lingerie is also very good.Kanye West’s sexy underwear is usually extremely simple design style. The lines are beautiful and there are almost no decoration, but they can convey their fashion aesthetics through color and material.

Sexy and elegant Angelina Julie

Angelina Jolie is a sexy and elegant actress, and her sexy lingerie is also very good.Angelina Jolie’s sexy underwear is usually mainly black and red. The design lines are beautiful and simple, making her very sexy and elegant.


As a sexy and unique way of dressing, sexy underwear is becoming more and more loved by stars.From cute to noble, from romance to luxury, everyone can find a sexy underwear style that suits them, and shows their sexy in wearing.