Susan private shooting sex underwear human body

Susan private shooting sex underwear human body

Susan private shooting sex underwear human body

Susan is a sexy underwear enthusiast. In her private collection, there are many unique sexy underwear suits.In order to show her love underwear, she decided to take a set of sexy underwear body art photos to share with other sexy underwear fans.The following is the analysis of these photos.

1. Black lace sexy underwear

This set of sexy underwear has traditional black lace elements. It is ordinary but elegant. What is intriguing is that it is equipped with off -shoulder design and extremely low -neck design, making the entire upper body look very sexy.The design of the lower body is designed with pantyhose -like design, highlighting the curve of the lower body.

2. Special front buckle sexy underwear

Lace Bodycon Dress – 17005

In this sexy underwear, the front chest adopts the design of the buttons, so that the wearer can rest assured that its depth is adjusted at will. At the same time, the cup is tailored to make the chest shape more natural and does not compress the chest.

3. Blue sexy underwear

This set of sexy underwear is very eye -catching. It uses French lace tailoring, which makes people feel more textured, and equipped with full transparent low -waist underwear, showing beautiful abdomen and leg lines.

4. It looks like a sexy underwear with pants

This set of sexy underwear looks like a set of sexy jumpsuits, but it is actually composed of tops and shorts.Its design is different from traditional jumpsuits. Many places are hollow and transparent design, allowing people to clearly see the outlines such as skin, hair and panties.

5. Purple lace sexy underwear

This set of lace -up underwear is a basic style, but it uses high -quality materials and detailed craftsmanship, showing unusual noble sense.The inside of the cup has extremely soft fiber filling, which makes women look very charming.

6. Sexy underwear with back -back design

The back of this set of sexy underwear uses a translucent hollow design, which makes the skin of the wearer vaguely visible and sexy.The front chest part uses a retro Hepburn design to make it sexy and elegant.


7. Rose red color sex lingerie

This set of sexy underwear uses sexy tailoring and lace elements, and the colors are very bright, making the skin tone more charming.The main point of the lower body is to use the design of the skirt -like design to make the curve of the waist and hips more smooth and natural.

8. High -Interesting underwear

This set of sexy underwear is a rare high -necked design that can provide coverage and no lack of sexy. Its overall tailoring adopts a gathering design to make the breasts full and charming, sexy and gentle.

9. Black net sexy underwear

This set of sexy underwear uses a black grid cloth, making a mysterious atmosphere between the exposed skin and the underwear.The top uses a suspender design to show the beautiful shoulder and neck lines of women.

10. Double -sided springs underwear

This set of sexy underwear is inspired by Japanese geisha and kimono. It creates a completely new feeling. The cup part uses a triangular design, highlighting the chest shape, and the lower body is innovatively adopted with a bilateral opening design design., Make women’s legs more tempting.


Body art is an interpretation and expression of the beauty of the body.Sexy underwear is a form of sexy, elegance and can inspire inner passion.In some sexy underwear, body art has a certain use.Through the innovation and deconstruction of the human body art, sexy underwear has become part of human visual art.At the same time, the design of sexy underwear can also reflect the psychological needs of women, making them more confidently show their charm.