Taiwan sex lingerie model

Taiwan sex lingerie model

With the openness of society and the liberation of sexual concepts, sexy underwear has gradually become a popular trend in Taiwan.More and more women have begun to choose sexy, fashionable, and personalized underwear to show their charm.In order to meet market demand, sexy underwear models have also become one of the important ways of sales.In this article, we will introduce some knowledge of Taiwanese sexy underwear models.


The erotic underwear model refers to the display of the display in sex underwear display, promotion, and sales.Different from fashion models, the focus of sexy underwear models is to show the sexy, personality, and fashion of underwear.Due to the nature of sexy underwear, the model’s requirements are also higher, and the model needs a certain body, temperament and expression.


As a sexy underwear model, body is a very important factor.The height requirements of female models are generally around 165cm, while weight cannot be too fat. In particular, pay attention to the proportion of waist and hips.In addition, the model of the model also needs to have curve beauty, such as reasonable proportion of chest and waist and hip, long leg effects, etc.

Model makeup

The makeup requirements of sexy underwear models are also different from ordinary models.The selling point of sexy underwear is to highlight sexy and personality, so the makeup style is more obvious, such as heavy lipstick and large eyeliner.And pay attention to the details of makeup, such as carefully handling eyebrows, hair, etc., making the whole look more sexy and perfect.

Model expression

The expression of the model is an indiscriminate element in the affair underwear model.In the display of sexy underwear, the model must have a confident, elegant, and sexy temperament.They need to show the characteristics of underwear freely, such as twisting, swinging, jumping and other operations.In addition, the eyes and expressions of models are also very important, and it is necessary to show sexy and charming temperament.

Model photography

The photography of sexy underwear model is an important means to sell underwear.During the shooting, photographers use lights, scenes and other means to reflect the sexy and characteristics of underwear.The models must also cooperate with the needs of photographers in the aspects of swinging, swinging angle, and building expressions to present the fashion and sexy of the underwear.

Model shooting occasion

The shooting environment of sexy underwear models is not limited to indoor, and outdoor shooting is also very common.For example, shoot on the seaside, swimming pool, garden and other external scenes.This not only makes the style of underwear more diverse, but also better shows the sexy and fashionable temperament of the model.

Model clothing matching

Fun underwear model clothing matching is also very important.When buying underwear, the model should pay attention to fashion, sexy and personalized.Creating a suitable match requires a certain matching skills.For example, different colors of underwear, matching of underwear and coats.

Model brand endorsement

Sex underwear models can be promoted as brand spokespersons.In the brand endorsement, the image and identity of the sexy underwear model can establish a new image for the brand and increase the brand awareness and reputation.Therefore, brands usually choose well -known sexy underwear models to serve as spokespersons.

Model successful case

In Taiwan, there are many outstanding successful cases of sexy underwear models.For example, Tian Zilin and Lin Yichen have become famous sexy underwear models. They have won the love of many brands and customers with their own advantages of their bodies and temperament.At the same time, their success also encouraged more women to enter the industry.


As an important means to promote underwear, sexy underwear models have created a very good image for the fashion, sexy and personality of the underwear.Although the fields covered by this industry are relatively narrow, the contribution of models is irreplaceable for the sex underwear industry.By enhancing the quality of models and expanding the model of models, it can further help the progress of the fun underwear industry and the market expansion.

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