Taobao annual data sexy underwear

Taobao annual data sexy underwear

Interest underwear is an indispensable part of women’s daily life. As a new type of clothing, it not only reflects the sexy side of the female, but also has a good shaping effect.In recent years, with the growth of the market and the changes in consumer concepts, Taobao sex underwear shops have become more and more popular with female consumers. Let ’s take a look at Taobao’s annual sex lingerie data.

The first sexy lingerie style of the sales volume -bras

In all kinds of sexy underwear, the sales of bras account for absolute advantages because it is part of the female body, and women wearing unfacked underwear will affect the health and quality of life.The styles of the bra are also diverse, such as ultra -thin breasts, sports bra, sexy lace bra, and so on.In terms of profits, the price of sexy lace bras is relatively high and can get higher profits.

The second -ranked sex underwear style -underwear -panties

As a partner of the bra, underwear is an indispensable part of sexy underwear.Like the bra, the design of the underwear is also diverse, such as T -shaped pants, thongs, lace panties, and so on.In terms of profits, some special -style underwear profits are relatively high, such as mesh panties and lace panties.

Sales ranked third in sexy underwear style -hanging sticks

Stranging socks have a good modification effect and can add points to the leg lines, so it is also very popular in the sexy underwear market.The styles of hanging stockings are also diverse, such as lace hanging stockings, mesh hanging stockings, and so on.

The fourth sexy lingerie style of sales -beam clothes

Bid -bodies are a good shaping underwear that can help women create a perfect body curve, so it is also loved by female consumers.There are also many styles of bodies, such as ultra -thin beam, lace beam, and so on.

The fifth sales of the sales of the sales volume -Interesting

Interesting is a special sexy underwear, which can not only add interest, but also create a romantic atmosphere.There are also many kinds of sexy style design, such as sexy pajamas, leather, role -playing, and so on.

Sales ranked sixth sex underwear style -bellyband

The bellyband originated from the traditional Chinese Hanfu, and has also been loved by female consumers in recent years.The bellyband is usually T -shaped, and the profit is relatively high.

The seventh sex underwear style of sales -sex socks

Interest socks can add erotic atmosphere to other parts of the female body, such as legs, arms, waist, and so on.The price of sex socks is relatively cheap, and consumers are generally purchased.

Sales Rankings Eighth Fun underwear Style -Sexy Jane Janes

Sexy jumpsuits are a sexy underwear similar to a conjoined skirt, which can add sexy atmosphere to women’s body.The price of sexy body pants is relatively high, and generally high -end consumers prefer.

Sales ranking ninth sex lingerie style -sex set

The sex set is a variety of sexy underwear, which generally includes a number of parts such as bras, underwear, and hanging sticks.The fun set style is rich in design, and generally high -end consumers prefer.

Ranking Ten Ten Sales In Loves Style -Fun Accessories

Interesting accessories are the subsidiary products of sexy underwear, which can enhance sexy atmosphere, such as stockings, chest stickers, eye masks, and so on.The profit of sex accessories is relatively high.

in conclusion:

According to Taobao’s annual erotic underwear data, it can be seen that bras, underwear, hanging sticks, jackets and fun outfits are the largest sexy lingerie styles.The profits of different styles are also different. Some high -end sexy underwear have higher profits, but they also need to invest more funds and energy.During the store opening, according to your actual situation, you must choose the business method and sales strategy that suits you.

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