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The birth of Victoria sexy underwear

The Victorian era refers to the reign of Queen Victoria from 1837 to 1901.During this period, the fashion is mainly elegant and retro, but there is little erotic underwear.Until the 1980s, sexy underwear began to become popular in the Victorian clothing due to the extreme restrictions of the corset and binding corset.

The characteristics of Victoria’s sexy underwear

The main features of Victoria’s sexy underwear are the use of lace and satin, as well as tight, high waist, waist design.Such a design can highlight the beauty of women and make women more charming and charming.In addition, the fineness of the details, the craftsmanship of hand -sewing, and the use of finely pulling flowers are also one of its characteristics.

Victorian sexy underwear is popular

Although Victoria’s sexy underwear was not mainstream in the fashion industry at that time, it was still very popular among some wealthy people, especially in the underwear of women in the upper society.Its style and exquisiteness are compatible with the culture and values of that era.Now, they are regarded as a symbol of sexy and are highly sought after in the adult products market.

Victorian sexy lingerie popularity

The influence of Victoria’s sexy lingerie has continued to this day.Today’s sexy underwear still has to a large extent bears the design concept of the Victorian era. Especially in terms of details, fabrics such as silk and lace are still the mainstream materials of sexy underwear.The dark colors such as black, red, and green are also large in modern sexy underwear.

Victoria sexy underwear matching method

Victoria sexy underwear usually needs to be matched with other clothing such as tassel, lace chiffon, satin and other materials, such as dark bellybands, stockings, gloves and high heels.This matching method makes women more sexy, stylish and charming.

Victoria sexy underwear applicable population

Fashion enthusiasts who like retro styles will have a soft spot for Victorian sexy lingerie. At the same time, women who like sexy also like this style of sexy underwear.In addition, considering Victoria’s retro design, most women are not suitable for wearing them all day.

Maintenance method of Victoria sexy underwear

Because Victoria’s erotic underwear is more expensive and highly fine at the same time, it is very careful in daily maintenance.It is recommended to use a soft and fragrant laundry solution to wash or use a gentle short -cycle washing machine mode for the shape and fabric of the sexy underwear in cold water or warm water.At the same time, do not use bleach, dryer or hot water to avoid damage to fabrics.

The value of Victoria sexy underwear

As the historical ancestor of sexy underwear, Victoria sexy underwear has always been loved by people with its elegant, exquisite and unique design style.Over time, they have become the classics of the cultural and fashion industry.It was born in the 19th century Victorian women’s pursuit of beauty, and now it has become part of sexy culture. It has different value for sexy underwear designers and collectors.

The future of Victoria sexy underwear

Although the design of Victoria’s sexy underwear has a hundred years of distance, its design elements and cultural connotations have become the classic elements of sexy underwear design and are still talked about by people.In the future, the design concept and elements of Victoria’s sexy underwear will continue to affect the design and production of sexy underwear, becoming a eternal cultural symbol in the sex lingerie industry.

Victoria’s Viewpoint

Victoria’s sexy underwear is one of the representatives of British aristocratic underwear in the 19th century. Its popularity makes women more sexy and charming.Its unique design elements and cultural connotations have become the cornerstone of sexy underwear. Sexy clothing developed there is a richer and diverse form, which has become an indispensable part of fashion and sexy culture.At the same time, the value and significance of Victoria’s sexy underwear are also increasing.It is not only an important part of sexy underwear culture, but also represents the changes in women’s ideology and aesthetic values in human history.

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