What are the founders of sexy underwear

Founder of sexy underwear

Interest underwear is a special underwear that combines aesthetics, sexy and romantic, and aims to increase the life of emotions.So, who created this underwear?The following will introduce you to several founders of sexy underwear.

Joy smith

Joy Smith is a pioneer in sex underwear.She founded Victoria’s secret brand in the 1980s, bringing sexy and luxuriously into the underwear market.Joy Smith focuses on design and innovation, brought metal accessories and perspective design into the underwear industry, and created multiple series, including the annual bra, swimsuit and holiday series, which created a new field of vision for the underwear industry.

Ellen m. kravetz

Ellen M. Kravetz is another pioneer in American sex lingerie.She founded LOVEFIFI in 1993, committed to designing a healthy, comfortable, and beautiful sexy underwear.Her brand uses high -quality fabrics, with almost no metal parts, making the underwear more comfortable. At the same time, she integrates color into the design of underwear, adding the beauty of the product, making it easier for consumers to accept the concept of sexy underwear.

Andrea Billard

Andrea Billar is the founder of the Canadian sex lingerie brand Fantasy Lingerie.She founded the brand in 1993, committed to making quality and suitable sexy underwear suitable for multiple body shapes.She cooperated with different designers to launch a variety of sexy underwear, from lace to mesh, from modern to classics, all have different styles.Andrea Billard uses her creativity to define sexy underwear more widely, suitable for different consumers, including sexy toys and accessories.

Debbie a. Travis

Debbie A. Travis is one of the founders of the sex underwear brand House of the Bizarre.The brand was launched in 2000 and is committed to creating artistic sexy underwear.She uses rich colors and strokes to make each underwear have an artistic and uniqueness.Debbie A. Travis’s brand has integrated the aesthetics brought about by sexy underwear into their lives through the carefully designed underwear and the propaganda picture of artistic works.

Maggie gillette

Maggie Gillette is one of the founders of the sex lingerie brand Blue Bella.This brand was founded in Britain in 2004 to design healthier sexy underwear for modern women.Maggie Gillette is committed to using unique fabrics, such as non -trace sports underwear fabrics to ensure that underwear is not only beautiful, but also comfortable.Her brand involves nakedness, incision and other advanced techniques, while also reflecting simple and elegant design styles.

Lisa sohanpal

Lisa SohanPal is one of the founders of the sexy lingerie brand Shut Up and Love Me.This brand was launched in the UK in 2009 and is committed to creating beautiful and healthy underwear for self -confident modern women.Lisa SohanPal can make these underwear not only suitable for modern women, but also to create their charm.Her brand includes various sizes and styles, from bra, underwear to role -playing supplies, etc., her products are young, free and diverse.

Roberto Campello (Roberto Campello)

Roberto Campil is one of the founders of Italian sexy underwear brand intimissimi.The brand was founded in 1996 and quickly attracted attention in the Italian and European markets.Roberto Campil is committed to creating beautiful and comfortable sexy underwear, from the charm bra to lace’s underwear. His brand focuses on the quality of fabrics and design, and at the same time enriches the brand in the artistic propaganda picture and videosImage.

Nina Fertmann (Nina Fertmann)

Nina Fernman is one of the founders of the German sex lingerie brand OPAAK.The brand’s establishment is to meet the needs of fashion, sexy and practical needs.Nina Fernman combines the fabric and color to create a more fashionable sexy underwear design.Her brand includes body clothes, bras, binding underwear, high -end pajamas and sex toys in the field of underwear, providing rich choices for different consumers.

Maisie templer

Maisie Templer is the founder of Honey Birdette, Australia’s sex lingerie brand.The brand was launched in 2006 and is committed to creating one of the most sexy sexy underwear in the world.Maisie Templer’s brand pays more attention to details in underwear design, as well as eye -catching fabrics and color combinations.The products she launched from ballet dancing underwear to metal accessories all show a sense of sexy superiority.The brand has nearly 60 stores in the world and has become one of the world’s most popular sexy lingerie brands.

in conclusion

The sexy underwear industry has become a popular market.Innovatives in this market not only integrate artistic sense and sexy, but also provide consumers with healthier, more comfortable and more designed underwear.The founding people of sexy underwear are making very useful contributions to this market.

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