Wear electric shock sex underwear novels

The emergence of electric shock sex underwear

In modern society, sex products are no longer an embarrassing thing. In order to satisfy your sexual fantasy and sexual blessings, sex products have become an indispensable part of people’s lives.In recent years, wearing electric shock sexy underwear has become a new wave in the sex products market.

Types of electric shock sex underwear

At present, the types of electric shocks on the market are rich in types of electric underwear, including a variety of different types such as electric shocking milk rings, electric shock penis sleeves, electric shock cepators, and electric shock sex skirts.These sexy underwear can be selected according to different experience needs.

The working principle of electric shock sex underwear

Electric shock sex underwear is mainly used to stimulate the human body through current. Generally, micro -current technology is used. When the skin is stimulated by current, it can produce some very special feelings.Stimulation from current can cause different changes such as convulsions, contraction, and relaxation, which brings infinite pleasure.

Precautions for the use of electric shock sex underwear

When using electricity underwear, you need to pay attention to the following details.First, choose parameters such as electric shock strength and frequency that suits you to avoid excessive stimulation and cause unnecessary damage.Secondly, in order to ensure hygiene, cleaning and disinfection after each use.Finally, it is necessary to ensure that the wires and other accessories at the connection of the power supply and the underwear should not be damaged to prevent short -circuit problems.

How to use electric shock sex underwear

The method of using electro -strike sexy underwear is similar to that of general sexy underwear, and can be used according to the wearable site and specific styles.Especially wearing in sex can make feelings stronger and more exciting experience.

The advantages and disadvantages of electric shock sex underwear

The advantages and disadvantages of electric shock sexy underwear can be seen from the following aspects.The advantages are first of all stimulating strong and novelty, which can provide users with a feeling that is different from conventional sex products.Followed by high playability and diverse underwear styles, you can choose different styles according to your preferences and needs.The disadvantage is that it needs to be very cautious when using it. It has a certain risk. At the same time, the accessories such as the power cord are more delicate and need to be maintained.

The urban white -collar worker and electric shock of the urban white -collar workers who want to be dissatisfied

Recently, a novel "Strawberry Night", wearing electricity underwear, is all the rage. The story tells a urban white -collar worker with a beautiful career and a happy family, because the family life is too bland and the demand for sex has gradually increased.She tried to satisfy the desire by trying to hit the sexy underwear and finally regained herself in the stimulus.This novel reflects the living conditions of some people in modern society.

The future trend of electric shock sex underwear

With the development of science and technology and the increase in people’s needs, the market for electric shock sex underwear is continuously expanding, and more personalized products will appear in the future.In addition, due to the more private and embarrassing demand for wearing electricity underwear, the e -commerce platform will play a more important role in the future and provide more convenient and intimate shopping services.

in conclusion

Electric shock sex lingerie is a novel and interesting sexy product. It needs to be cautious, but it also brings unusual pleasure and experience.For those who have increased demand for sex and happy life, wearing electricity underwear may be a way to explore new worlds and meet self -needs.

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