Wear sex underwear novels plug eggs jumping eggs


Interest underwear has entered the life of many people. It is not only a kind of decoration and clothing, but also a kind of interest and enjoyment.In recent years, the sexy underwear of jumping eggs has become more and more popular. This article will introduce the relevant knowledge of wearing fun underwear jumping eggs.

First understand what is plugged eggs

The jumping egg is a kind of sex products similar to the vibration rod, which is similar to a egg. It is equipped with a vibrator and has a vibration setting of various modes.Taste and jumping eggs are most commonly used for sex and sexy underwear, bringing a more exciting experience.

How to install plug jumping eggs in sexy underwear

First of all, you need to choose a sexy underwear with internal pockets suitable for jumping eggs.Then put the jumping egg in your pocket. Do not take out the jumping eggs before wearing a sexy underwear to avoid being stimulated too much.

How to use jumping eggs

Use plug jumping eggs to start the vibrator after installing the erotic underwear.It can be controlled by external controller or internal remote control.Choose different vibration intensity and patterns according to personal preference to obtain the best experience.

Pay attention

Pay attention to hygiene problems when using plug jumping eggs. It is best to use a special sexy underwear cleaning solution for cleaning, and do not share it with others.If you feel unwell or have symptoms of physical discomfort when using, you should stop using immediately.

Suitable for people who wear jumping eggs underwear

It should be noted that not everyone is suitable for wearing plug jumping egg underwear.Select according to your health, physique and sexual needs.If you have any doubts, it is best to consult a doctor or sexual underwear expert first.

How to choose the right plug jumping egg underwear

When choosing a jumping egg underwear, pay attention to color, material, style and other issues.You should choose a comfortable, safe, and easy to clean sexy underwear, and do not excessively pursue too sexy and exaggerated styles.And choose the underwear style that suits you according to your body and chest shape.

How to play with sex underwear to play

After wearing fun underwear and jumping eggs, you can try to use sex products, such as oral film, handcuffs, and sex games.But remember that under the premise of ensuring safety and hygiene, do not perform too dangerous and unrealistic operations.

How to charge for sexy underwear

Plug -jumping egg underwear needs to be charged regularly to ensure the normal work of its vibrator.Generally, sexy underwear is equipped with charging cables and chargers, which can be charged correctly according to the manual.


Wearing plug jumping eggs is a very exciting experience, but you need to pay attention to safety and hygiene issues.For the first time, it is recommended to choose the style and mode that suits you to enjoy a healthy and pleasant sex life.

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