Wear sex underwear and friends

Wear sex underwear and friends

Wearing sex underwear is no longer a taboo topic in modern times, and it has even become a fashion trend.In personal life, wearing sex underwear can be alone, or a romantic moment with the spouse.But recently, more and more people have begun to try to have sex with sexy underwear and have sex with friends. Such behaviors are somewhat controversial. Below we will analyze it in detail.

1. Sex underwear can bring different sexual experiences

After the popularity of sexy underwear on different occasions, many people began to pay attention to the experience of wearing sexy underwear.You must know that when wearing fun underwear, it will increase a certain erotic experience. This experience can bring higher sex satisfaction.And having sex with friends with sexy underwear can enhance sexual experience, which is why many people try.

Second, friends who wear sexy underwear to make sex require both parties to confirm!

It is understandable to have sex with sexy underwear, but when doing sex among friends, it must be confirmed by the other party.You choose to have sex with sexy underwear and have sex, and you need to ensure that your friends are willing.You need to know her view of this, otherwise, it will cause the other party’s negative emotions, affect friendship and even damage.The two sides should communicate well before making a decision to confirm the opinions of the other party. It is the most suitable position and time to negotiate.

Third, the requirements for sexual places, the two parties need to be consistent

Avoid the choice of sexual places improperly, it will have a negative impact on a fun sex.As a friend, the two sides understand each other, and all different requirements for the sex field need to be compromised.If the two are different, it will inevitably cause some unnecessary troubles.Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the two parties fully agree with and agree with the choice of sex.

Fourth, independent thinking decisions, don’t listen to the influence of others

Wearing sex underwear has become a modern trend, but when we wear sexy underwear with friends, you cannot be easily affected by others.That will only produce negative effects, affect the satisfaction of sex, and make yourself feel embarrassed.As an adult who decides independently, we must maintain our independent thinking.

5. Don’t excessively pursue the experience of sex, as well as stimuli

When you try to have sex with a sexy underwear with your friends, you must understand the choice and balance.In other words, balanced physiological and psychological satisfaction, do not excessively pursue stimuli.Choosing proper sex, time, and physical state is the key to obtaining a positive experience, and it is also the basis for making a good judgment.

6. Respect the normal rhythm of sex, do not do so exciting things

Interesting underwear can add color to sexual life, but it should not allow excessive stimulation or enter an abnormal state.When wearing erotic underwear with friends, you need to respect the normal rhythm of sex, not overwhelming things to ensure the process of enjoying sex between love.This will be more beneficial to maintaining a healthy and good attitude and enhancing the health state of the body and psychology.

7. Don’t turn the sex into a show off

For friends, wearing sex underwear is just a small fun to increase interest.It cannot be considered as a kind of anti -track and a show off.Don’t let this behavior become a place that makes others dissatisfied and uncomfortable.Sex is always a private behavior, and does not want to become a show off.

Eight, conclusion

Sending sex with friends with friends need to ensure the legitimacy of behavior and confirm the market at the same time, and also need to respect each other’s feelings and opinions.Before doing this behavior, you must make full preparations and mentality to achieve the expected results.When practice is successful, you will find that this is a very interesting thing that can enhance your relationship between you and your friends.

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