Wear sex underwear to work articles

Working in sex lingerie: Is it an adventure or an unsuccessful manifestation?In this article, we will explore whether wearing sexy underwear in the workplace is suitable.From what occasions and positions are suitable for sexy underwear, to how to share this choice and manages colleagues’ reactions, there will be detailed explanation.

What occasions are suitable for sexy underwear?

The theme of going to work in erotic underwear cannot be simply answered.However, in many cases, occupation is not a problem.Every situation is different.Wearing sex underwear should comply with the following principles:

Siter suitable

First of all, it is best to wear fun underwear to work in specific positions.For example, industrial designers, clothing designers, photographers, models, public relations or other creative industries.On the contrary, when the insurance company, banks, or accounting firms work, wearing sexy sexy underwear is obviously inappropriate.


Secondly, wearing sexy underwear should also be considered in terms of company size.Working in a small creative company is tolerant and encouraged.In a large company, this may seem unnecessary.

Whether the occasion is formal

Finally, even in specific positions, you should pay attention to the formal nature of the workplace.It will be more suitable for informal occasions to work in sex underwear, such as daily meetings or internal companies.

How to share this choice?

In some positions, wearing sex underwear is a way to express individuality or fashion elements.At the same time, you need to be careful to share this choice.

Avoid invasion of privacy

An important thing is to avoid invasion of privacy.Many colleagues don’t like to wear too exposed to the body.Wearing a sexy underwear may attract unnecessary attention or disperse the entire team’s attention.Therefore, it is important to choose appropriate occasions or days and communicate with colleagues in advance.

Be humble

Wearing sex lingerie also needs to be humble to go to work.If others are dissatisfied with this, it is best to express their views in time and consider the feelings of others.Observing the company’s rules and regulations, do not make out, and do not interfere with the work order.

How to cope with colleagues’ reactions?

Although we want the sexy underwear we wear to be recognized and understood, we cannot expect that others will have the same way of thinking.When we face the response of our colleagues, how to deal with it is crucial.

Persist in your choice

First of all, we must adhere to the reasons for ourselves.We choose to wear fun underwear to go to work for our own reasons because we like it because this method can help us express our personality. These are reasonable motivations.

Hear the feedback suggestion

In addition, I also need to listen to colleagues’ feedback and suggestions.Sometimes, wearing erotic underwear can indeed attract inappropriate attention; sometimes, we can also express inappropriate opinions through excessive dressing.In these circumstances, we should consider reducing the frequency of wearing sexy underwear or more conservatively modified clothes.

Avoid allergic reactions

In the end, when colleagues opposed our dress, we should not blindly quarrel or refute.As a member of the workplace, you should maintain a calm mind, do not cause allergic reactions, and you cannot take some malicious revenge.

in conclusion:

Is it appropriate to wear sex underwear to work?The answer is not that simple.Based on actual positions and occasions, whether every friend wearing sex underwear is suitable for each friend to depend on their own situation.The most important thing is that we should maintain a balance.Select more conservative clothes on necessary occasions to ensure that unnecessary impact and ambiguity will not have.In non -formal occasions, wearing erotic underwear can become a way to express their own personality and fashion elements.No matter what the method we choose, we must maintain our own sense and respect for others.

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