WeChat women let help to buy sexy underwear


Recently, a girl in my circle of friends asked me for help, saying that her WeChat friend asked her to help her buy sexy underwear on Taobao, but she didn’t know how to choose and buy, so she sought suggestions and help from me.

Choose a style that suits you

When buying sexy underwear, the first thing to consider is to choose a style that suits you.For example, body -shaped sexy underwear can make the figure more prominent, the open -range sexy underwear can facilitate sexual life, and the sexy underwear of lace and mesh is more sexy.

Size and style match

In addition to the style, it is also necessary to ensure that the selected sexy underwear size matches its own figure.Different brands and suppliers may have different size standards, so you must ensure your size before buying, and select the appropriate size for different sex lingerie styles and materials.

Choose the right color

In addition to styles and sizes, color is also an important consideration.Generally speaking, more common sexy underwear colors include black, red, white, and flesh -colored, and the choice of color will also affect the presence of the overall sexy level.Therefore, according to your preferences and needs, choose the color that suits you best.

Follow the fabric and quality

Fabrics and quality are another aspect of attention.Under normal circumstances, the sexy lingerie of pure cotton is more comfortable, while silk and lace will be softer and have a very visual sexy degree.However, different fabrics and quality will also affect the comfort, cleaning and durability of the underwear, so you need to consider it carefully.

Pay attention to details

In terms of color, fabric, or style, details are important factor that cannot be ignored.For example, the color and material of the zipper and buttons, the sewing and tailoring of the underwear should pay attention to the details.After all, these small places will happen to become the key to quality.

Brand and recommendation

Choosing the right brand and merchants is also a factors that need to be considered when buying sexy underwear.Regular brands and suppliers usually provide more comprehensive brand information, sizes and materials details, and even color matching recommendations.Before choosing, you can first understand the brand and alternative merchant you like, and check the evaluation and word of mouth.

After -sales service

Before buying sexy underwear, you also need to consider the after -sales service provided by the merchant.For example, some merchants can provide return and exchange services, making users more convenient and assured without affecting product quality.Moreover, if the size, fabric, color and other problems occur, you can contact the merchant and communicate with the merchant in time to avoid affecting your own experience.

Private Security

Finally, it is necessary to consider the privacy guarantee of buying sexy underwear.When choosing a merchant, you can check more about the privacy of the merchant, such as whether the logistics packaging is tight, the remarks, and whether the envelope has concealed the item information.In this way, you can be more at ease and private when buying sexy underwear.


In summary, you need to consider many aspects when buying sexy underwear, including style, size, color, fabric and quality.At the same time, it is also necessary to pay attention to brand, after -sales service and privacy guarantee in order to achieve more satisfactory results when using underwear.

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