What are the AVs of the sexy underwear


In the sexy underwear industry, many styles of underwear are well known, including some of the AV actresses or sexy underwear related to the AV industry.Next we introduce these underwear one by one and analyze their characteristics and applications.

1. San Shangyouya exclusive underwear series

Miyoshi Yuya is a very famous AV actress in Japan. Her charm comes not only from the beautiful appearance, but also her attractive figure and skills.San Shangyouya’s exclusive underwear series is designed with her figure as a template.This underwear pays more attention to the parcels of the chest and hips, making the wearer more sexy and charming.

2. Sunrise underwear series

Yangwu underwear originated from Japan and in China. This underwear is unique and different.The underwear is equipped with a small protruding object, which is said to bring a special feeling to the wearer.This underwear can increase the sexual interest of his wife and make the sex life between husband and wife more harmonious and happy.

3. Mashenghisye’s exclusive underwear series

A Shengxi is a AV actress in Japan. Her reputation is great in Japan.The exclusive underwear series of Mashengchi is a sexy underwear designed with her figure as a template.This underwear has very good wrapping, which can show the chest and hips more plump and plump.

4. Anzixuan Lingerie Series

The Anzixuan underwear series is a kind of sexy underwear launched in the Chinese market. The brand focuses on the production and research and development of sexy underwear. Its dressing method is very free and can be worn appropriately according to its own shape.

5. Uniqlo UT underwear series

Uniqlo UT underwear series is a sexy underwear launched by Uniqlo. This series of underwear uses 100%cotton fabric, which has good skin -friendly and comfortable wearing.The design is very colorful and can meet the needs of different people.

6. Takahashi Holy Son series underwear

The Takahashi Holy Ovemel series is a kind of underwear designed based on the characteristics of a Japanese AV actress Takahashi Sacred Seed.This underwear has a good body -shaping effect and is full of mystery, which can make women with mature minds more sexy.

7. Leiya oolong underwear series

The Leiya oolong underwear series is a brand from Europe. The underwear uses high -quality materials and fine craftsmanship.The series of underwear in this series is simple and elegant. Black uses black as the main color, giving people a sense of mystery and sexy.

8. Ancient and modern underwear series

The ancient and modern underwear series is a brand from China. Its characteristic is to fully absorb the ancient Chinese life and cultural elements, giving people mysterious, beautiful and cultural precipitation.The series of underwear in this series has a variety of underwear and strong culture.

9. Water, doll swimwear underwear series

As one of the main styles of summer, doll swimwear underwear series. The series of underwear in this series is made of various colorful swimsuits and made from various materials and processes.The swimsuit is rich in style, you can choose to wear with the people you like.

10. AKB48 sex lingerie series

The AKB48 sex lingerie series is a special design. Reference to the image of the Japanese popular women’s idol group AKB48. The underwear has a good wrapping and body -shaping effect, which can make the well -proportioned young girl wearing more beautiful.


The above is a sexy underwear named AV. Each sex underwear has its unique design ideas and central concepts.When choosing a specific choice, choose the underwear that suits you according to your actual needs and body characteristics.The ultimate choice should be the best result that needs to be found in practice.

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