What classification of sexy underwear belongs to

Interest underwear is a special underwear, which has sexy, teasing, temptation and other functions. It is usually sold in sexy shops or adult products stores.Although the design of sexy underwear has changed a lot over time, in general, all the sexy underwear can be classified according to multiple dimensions such as use, style, and materials.

Style classification

H2: Style classification

First of all, the quotation underwear is classified according to the category, which can be divided into sling -style sexy underwear, corset -style sexy underwear, lace sexy underwear, stockings sexy underwear, uniform sexy lingerie, etc.The suspender -style sexy lingerie refers to the two -shouldered shoulder strap underwear, which is suitable for wearing in summer, and the corset sexy lingerie refers to the underwear that is only covered with the chest, which shows more women’s good chest underwear; lace sexy underwear meansUnderwear such as lace and other materials can make women more sexy and charming; stockings erotic underwear refers to some sexy lingerie styles based on stockings, plus the design of skirt bottoms to better show women’s beautiful legs; and uniform sexy underwear is even more even more.Simulates scenes such as role -playing in daily life, making women more charming.

Use classification

H2: Classification

Secondly, sexy underwear can also be classified according to its purpose.Generally speaking, sexy underwear can be divided into daily use and special use underwear.Daily underwear is worn in daily life, and special use underwear is used in some situations such as nature, temptation and teasing.Special use underwear mainly includes SM sex lingerie and sex set, which is suitable for the use of sex venues.

Material classification

H2: Material classification

Interest underwear can also be classified according to materials, including natural and artificial materials.Natural materials mainly refer to natural fiber materials such as cotton, silk, wool, leather, while artificial materials include polyester fiber, Crystal Velvet, LyCra and metal materials.On natural materials, cotton is a relatively common material, mainly because it is not only comfortable but also affordable. On the contrary, although the price of Lycra and Crystal Velvet is relatively high, they have good elasticity and comfort.

sort by color

H2: Color classification

Sex underwear can also be classified according to color, including black sex underwear, white sexy underwear, red color sexy underwear, etc.At present, black sexy underwear is one of the most popular colors, because it can show women’s mystery and sexy well; white sex lingerie is the color of underwear with the entire female emotion, which can show women’s softness and tenderness well;Red colorful lingerie is more to show women’s sexy and teasing.

Brand category

H2: Brand classification

Sex underwear can also be classified according to brands. Common brands include Victoria’s Secret, La Senza, Aimer, etc.Victoria’s Secret is almost the most famous brand in the field of erotic underwear. Their underwear has a variety of underwear styles and the quality of comfort is first -class.

Suitable for crowd classification

H2: Suitable for crowd classification

Interest underwear can also be classified according to the applicable population, such as men and women, men, women, etc.Men’s sexy lingerie is diverse, suitable for use between husbands and wives, couples; and women’s sexy underwear can be classified and selected according to the size and body shape.

Proper body category

H2: Appropriate figure classification

In the classification of sexy underwear, there is another classification suitable for different figures.The purpose of women’s sexy underwear is often to show their own beautiful shape, so the classification of sexy underwear is suitable for the characteristics of different figures for distribution.Some underwear is suitable for the chest, and some are suitable for the waist or hips.

Applicable place classification

H2: Classification of applicable places

The classification of sexy underwear can also be classified according to the applicable place.It can be the use of various places such as family use, professional performance venues, model performances, nightclubs, cosplay and other places.The sexy underwear used in these places is different, and the suitable population is different from the place where wearing.

Price classification

H2: Price Classification

Finally, in the classification of sexy underwear, it can also be classified according to price.Determine the price according to factors, materials, brands, uses, design and other factors.Some sexy underwear is relatively cheap, and there are very expensive sexy underwear.


H2: Conclusion

In summary, there are many aspects of the classification of sexy underwear, including styles, colors, brands, applicable people, uses, figure, etc.Everyone chooses a sexy underwear that suits them according to their needs, and also pay attention to the comfort and quality of sexy underwear, so as not to affect physical health.

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