What is my boyfriend’s psychology of sending sexy underwear

What is my boyfriend’s psychology of sending sexy underwear

Sometimes we receive the sexy underwear sent by my boyfriend as a gift, and if this gift is not discussed in advance, it will make us feel a little confused.This arouses our curiosity, and many people want to know the psychology behind my boyfriend to give this gift.In this article, we will explore the psychological background, practical significance and how to better understand the behavior of my boyfriend’s sexual underwear.

1. The relationship between sexy underwear and sex life

Whether you have discussed sex with your boyfriend, your boyfriend’s sexy underwear is indeed related to your sexual life.Sexy underwear is usually considered a sex toy, although it is actually just a kind of clothes that wear on the body.My boyfriend sends you fun underwear that implies that you will have a more intense and interesting sex life.

2. The relationship between sexy underwear and worship

My boyfriend may have a special worship and love for you, and this psychology will prompt him to give you some meaningful and valuable gifts.Men usually like to praise and worship the people they love, and this is a way of expression.Sending you sex underwear is that he wants to express his admiration and praise to you.

3. Sex underwear is a gift

If your boyfriend gives you a sexy underwear without any intention, then this may be just a gift.Although sexy underwear is usually considered a sex toy, it can also be regarded as a kind of underwear.Of course, this gift should not affect your views on your boyfriend.

4. Sexy underwear is a surprise

When you live carefully according to all plans, you suddenly receive a surprise gift, and it feels like a vigorous romantic impulse to stimulate your desires and emotions.This is a valuable, worthless gift, proves that your boyfriend wants to make you happy.

5. Boyfriend to send sex underwear is his investment in himself

A man sometimes thinks that if his girlfriend has a very sexy sexy underwear, she will be more confident.He will think that more confident girls can make their lives better and passionate.Therefore, sometimes my boyfriend gives you a sexy lingerie is also to invest in your self -confidence.

6. Sexy underwear as a visual enjoyment

Sometimes my boyfriend gives you sex underwear, maybe just because he likes to look at the appearance of you, it is not necessarily to develop a higher level of sexual life.This does not mean that he wants to control you.Wearing sexy underwear sometimes makes women feel more confident and brings visual enjoyment to men.

7. My boyfriend sends sexy underwear to improve sexual desire

Men’s sexual desire is a very powerful force.When you put on sexy lingerie, it will enhance men’s sexual desire, because he feels more excited and wants you more.If you have no problem with sexual life, this will not be a big problem.

8. Happy and sex

Both men and women want a happy sex life, which is normal.If you already have a boyfriend with a good personality, a sexy underwear usually does not cause any problems.However, if this sexy underwear just brings you unhappy and stress, then you should talk well with your boyfriend.


Boyfriends sending fun underwear can be a way to express love, and it can also be used to enhance the interest of sexual life.No matter what the reason is, receiving a gift from a man is usually a beautiful experience.If you want to wear sexy underwear, as long as this makes you feel confident and happy, there is no need to have any reason.

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