What is the age of sexy underwear customers


Falling underwear is a symbol of romantic and sexy charm, and more and more customers are beginning to realize its importance.Over the passage of time, the audience of sexy underwear is also expanding. This article will explore what age part of the customers who have sex underwear.

young people

At present, many young people (18-25 years old) have begun to pay attention to their sexy images. Not only do they start buying sexy underwear from me, they will also buy with their partners to enhance the emotional connection between the two.

married family

Unlike young people, customers (26-35 years old) customers usually buy sexy underwear to consolidate their marriage relationship and increase their emotional interaction with their partners.Customers of this age pay great attention to the inner world of themselves and their partners. Using sexy underwear in the process of sex can increase the tacit understanding and trust between the two.

Mature person

Mature people (36-50 years old) are more concerned about the health of themselves and their partners.They will buy no odor, non -irritating, soft and comfortable sexy underwear to improve their sexual quality of sex.In addition, customers of this age also pay attention to the quality and time of sex, hoping to have a longer sexual experience.


Although the elderly (50-70 years old) may not pay attention to the beauty as young people, they will still pay attention to the comfort of sexy underwear and the impact on the body.For the elderly with a health recovery period, wearing sexy underwear can help them restore physical function.


Single people (18-50 years old) are usually loyal fans of sexy underwear.Due to the lack of partners and intimacy, they usually use sexy underwear in personal space to meet their needs.


In the homosexual circle, sexy underwear has also attracted much attention.Homosexuals usually buy sexy underwear like heterosexuals to strengthen their emotional relationships and expand their sexual experience.

People with different religious beliefs

Whether it is Christian, Catholicism, Buddhism, etc., people with different religious beliefs have the need to buy sexy underwear.Although there may be limitations, these people buy sexy underwear for themselves under the principles of reason and health.

People in different countries and regions

Looking at the sexy underwear markets in different countries and regions in the world, many places have market demand.In Western countries and regions, the sexy underwear market is very mature, and it is gradually growing in Eastern countries and regions.


It can be clearly seen that the customer group of sexy underwear is very wide, including people of different ages, different gender, and different religious beliefs.However, no matter who it is, the purpose of buying sexy underwear is to improve their sexual quality of life.Only when you combine your own sexy underwear can you really achieve this purpose.

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