What is the effect of sexy underwear milk posting

Introduce sexy underwear milk stickers

As a special women’s underwear, sexy underwear stickers are composed of a film, glue and mold. They are generally made into a circular shape to cover the nipple and areola parts to cover up and enhance the breast curve.

Classification of milk stickers

At present, the milk stickers on the market can be roughly divided into three materials: glueless, glue and silk. Among them, glue and silk milk stickers are more fitted with breasts when wearing.There will be a certain risk of falling off.

The role of milk stickers

Interesting underwear milk stickers can make no more traditional bras when wearing underwear, which can effectively avoid discomfort and restraint of bras during exercise, bending, lying, etc.At the same time, milk stickers can also make women more confident when wearing close -up clothes, and avoid the embarrassment of exposing equipment.

Applicable objects of milk stickers

Interesting underwear milk stickers are suitable for women with relatively small busts, especially those women with bright clothes such as tight clothes, dresses, etc., can look more natural and sexy.

The wearing time of milk stickers

Interesting underwear milk stickers should be worn as little as possible, because the material and structural restrictions of the milk sticker will lack the necessary breathing. Time will be too long to reduce the oxygen of the breast skin, and the parts of the nipple and areola becomes dry.

Putting point for milk stickers

When choosing a sexy underwear milk sticker, you should choose the breathable and smooth milk stickers, and do not cause compression to the breasts. At the same time, you must choose a reused milk sticker according to your own needs.


Interesting underwear milk stickers are cautious for women with skin sensitivity, allergic constitution or pregnant and lactating women.The milk stickers should be cleaned and kept dry with clean wet cloth. Pay attention to hygiene in the use process.

Maintenance method of milk stickers

After using the fun underwear milk sticker, you should use water or warm water and a small amount of neutral detergent according to the texture of the milk sticker. After washing, spread it and dry it naturally. You cannot use a strong sewage or a dryer to speed up.

Taboo of milk stickers

The sexy underwear milk stickers cannot be washed with soap, shower gel or lotion, because these items contain acidity and alcohol ingredients, which will affect the service life of the milk sticker. At the same time, the milk stickers cannot be connected in the sun and under the high temperature environment for a long time.

Common problems of milk stickers

During the process of using sexy underwear milk stickers, there may be a situation where insufficient viscosity or falling time. At this time, a small amount of water can be added to restore viscosity, or you can use double -sided glue to connect milk stickers and skin.

in conclusion

As a special underwear, sexy underwear milk stickers have certain risks, but as long as the usage methods, precautions and maintenance methods can bring more authentic and confident natural visual effects.At the same time, milk stickers can also make it more free and comfortable to wear well -dressed clothes, forming another beauty.

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