What should I do if my husband doesn’t like sexy underwear

1 Introduction

Interest underwear is a more sexy and more pattern underwear. The purpose is to increase the sexual interest between couples. Now more and more women like to wear sex underwear to increase the passion between husband and wife.However, some husbands do not like their wives to wear sexy underwear. What should I do at this time?

2. Understand your husband’s concerns and ideas

First of all, we need to understand what the reason and thoughts of her husband don’t like sexy underwear.Maybe he thinks this underwear is too exposed.Or due to religious beliefs or cultural backgrounds.Or he feels that sexy underwear will weaken his wife’s feminine charm.

3. Find the right time to understand the idea of my husband

We need to find the right opportunity to understand his thoughts on sexy underwear.For example, start this topic at dinner or when watching TV.

4. Choose a sexy underwear style that suits you

If you want to wear sexy underwear to increase passion, try to choose some more conservative styles, such as adding some lace or lace on the BRA, and avoid choosing too transparent or explicit styles.

5. Establish trust and communication

It is very important to build trust and communication between husband and wife.In the process of talking about this topic, don’t blame or attack each other, just express your thoughts.At the same time, we must listen to the other party’s thoughts and try to understand his thoughts.

6. Follow the needs of my husband

After establishing a good communication with him, try to understand the needs of her husband.You know, some people do not completely oppose sexy underwear, but do not want to see them at some point, such as in public or spending holidays with family members.Therefore, in these cases, try to choose a more conservative underwear.

7. Learning grasp

Only wearing sex underwear on the right occasion can make them more attractive.For example, for her husband, wearing sexy underwear before returning home will be more appropriate to wear sexy underwear when going shopping.

8. Break through the husband’s framework

Some husbands do not like their wives to wear sexy underwear is that they think this will disappear the charm of the wife.In order to prevent his wife from losing charm, you can wear some more concise and generous sexy underwear.

9. Respect the opinions of my husband and insist on your thoughts while adhering to your thoughts

Finally, although we need to consider the feelings of my husband, we must also adhere to our own ideas.If you really like to wear sexy underwear, don’t give up because of your husband’s opposition, but find a relatively satisfactory solution through communication and compromise.

10. Conclusion

In short, understanding her husband’s thoughts and trying to solve the problem without affecting the harmony of the husband and wife. In the process, communication and trust are always the most important.

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