Where can I Who wholesale underwear is better


The market demand of sexy underwear has increased year by year, and online sales have risen sharply during this year’s epidemic. Therefore, more and more people want to obtain higher profits through wholesale sexy underwear.So the question is, where is the wholesale of sex underwear more reliable?

Brand wholesaler

Many sexy underwear brands have their own wholesalers. Some brands can directly find the wholesale contact information on the official website, and some need to obtain the brand customer service or third -party channels.

Website wholesaler

There are also many businesses on large e -commerce platforms such as Taobao, JD.com, Alibaba, etc., and can choose suitable merchants through screening prices and credibility.

Third -party wholesale platform

In addition to large e -commerce platforms, there are also some third -party platforms that are mainly wholesale, such as 1688 and HC.com. These platforms have gathered a large number of sexy underwear wholesalers.

Physical wholesale market

Some cities have a dedicated wholesale market, such as the Guangzhou White Horse wholesale market, Yiwu small commodity wholesale city, etc. These markets can directly find suppliers and make batch procurement.

Acting wholesale

If you want to spend less time to find, you can wholesale through agents.Agent usually has a relatively stable supply chain and price advantage, and will also provide the advantages of after -sales service.

Price and batch

The wholesale price is usually determined based on the purchase volume. Generally speaking, the more the quantity, the lower the price.Therefore, it is recommended to make the abacus in advance to determine the budget and purchase volume in order to better choose a wholesaler.

Quality and reputation

In the process of choosing wholesalers, quality and credibility are also important factor that must be considered.It is best to choose a supplier of long -term cooperation to ensure product quality and after -sales service quality.


When purchasing, pay attention to whether there are authorized brands and product quality, and also pay attention to details such as after -sales service and distribution methods of merchants.

in conclusion

In general, when wholesale sex underwear, it is best to choose a brand wholesaler or a third -party wholesale platform with reputation. In addition, pay attention to details such as price, quality and after -sales service.

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