Yang Chenchen Taobao Instead underwear

Yang Chenchen’s experience of buying sexy underwear on Taobao

Yang Chenchen is a girl who loves fashion. She has always been very interested in sexy sexy underwear.She saw many beautiful and affordable sexy underwear on Taobao, so she began to find her favorite products.

What factors do I need to consider before choosing sexy underwear?

Before Yang Chenchen decided to buy sexy underwear, she had to consider the following questions:

Style selection: Is it light and transparent lace or a sexy hollow mesh?

Color matching: To meet your skin tone, you must also consider matching with other clothing.

Size problem: The size of different styles may be different. You need to choose the appropriate size according to your actual situation.

Price issues: The price of sexy underwear of different brands and different styles will be very different. You need to make a choice based on your own budget.

How do Yang Chenchen screen high -quality sexy underwear products?

According to the above selection factors, Yang Chenchen decided to screen some high -quality sexy underwear products on Taobao. She will start from the following aspects:

Brand: Choosing well -known brands can ensure the quality and services of the product.

Evaluation: Filter the comprehensive evaluation indicators and pay attention to the authenticity in the evaluation.

Picture: The pictures on Taobao are very important. You can see the quality and details of the product from the picture.

After -sales service: Pay attention to the quality of after -sales service, so as not to solve problems during the purchase or use process.

How to judge the quality of sexy underwear?

After choosing a suitable sexy underwear product, Yang Chenchen needs to judge the quality of the product:

Fabric: Understand whether the fabrics used in the product are velvet, lace, silk, or cotton, etc., so as to judge its softness, permeability, and washing convenience.

Crafts: Judging the meticulousness and quality of the product processing from the aspects of craftsmanship, accessories, etc.

Sewing: Look at the line head and suture of the erotic underwear neatly and beautiful.

Size: Put the product and check whether the size is appropriate, especially whether the core parts such as pants and bust are appropriate.

How does sex underwear match a sense of fashion?

After choosing a sexy underwear that suits you, Yang Chenchen needs to consider how to match it to make it more fashionable:

There are fashion elements, such as turtleneck sweaters, small slings, etc.

Sexy is generally not exposed, and you can wear an oversize down jacket outside.

Use accessories to enhance the overall taste, such as color mirror, large pendant, modern earrings, etc.

How to properly maintain sexy underwear?

It is also very important to carry out maintenance after the correct use of sexy underwear.The following are some small suggestions for maintaining sexy underwear:

Cleaning at any time: Don’t wear a sexy underwear repeatedly, it is best to clean it in time after one use.

Avoid rubbing: The underwear is relatively fragile. You need to pat it light or hand -wash. Do not rub it hard.

Choose the appropriate cleaning supplies: use the appropriate amount of underwear, bleaching water and hot water for cleaning to avoid using too exciting liquid and laundry powder.

Pay attention to drying: Do not let the underwear be exposed directly in the sun and dry it. You can dry it naturally in the ventilation to avoid using the dryer.

How to choose the right sexy underwear brand?

On Taobao, there are many fun underwear brands, and how to choose the right brand is also very important.The following are the factors that need to be considered when choosing a brand:

Awareness: Choosing a brand with a relatively high reputation can be more guaranteed in terms of product quality and after -sales service.

Style: The sexy lingerie style of each brand is different. You need to choose a brand that conforms to your own style.

Price: The price of sexy underwear of different brands is very different. You need to choose a brand that meets your needs and budgets.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of sexy underwear?

The purchase of sexy underwear has advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages: Interesting underwear can make women more confident and sexy, make sexual life more wonderful, and at the same time spending relatively low in sexy underwear and high cost performance.

Disadvantages: Fun underwear stickers are worn. If you choose improperly or do not pay attention to maintenance, it may affect your health.

in conclusion:

In summary, Yang Chenchen needs to consider many factors to buy sex underwear through Taobao, and it can be improved by using the correct method and maintenance quality and fashion sense.Before choosing a sexy underwear brand, you also need to carefully understand its quality and word of mouth.Choosing the right sexy underwear can add color to life, but also need to pay attention to reasonable and healthy use.

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