You can ask your girlfriend to wear sexy underwear

You can ask your girlfriend to wear sexy underwear

In love, sex is a very important part of sex, and as one of the sexy toys in sexy underwear, you can add interest and fun to sex life.But can my girlfriend wears sexy underwear?Let’s discuss one by one today.

1. The role of sexy underwear

Interesting underwear is a way to increase sexual fun through clothing.Unlike traditional underwear, the design of sexy underwear is more sexy and special, which can increase the sexual interest of women and men.Interesting underwear can bring fun and fun to two people, you can try different styles and increase the fun of sexual life.

2. Respect your girlfriend’s wishes

From the perspective of interpersonal communication, people should respect each other’s wishes, rather than force the other party to do what they want.Girlfriend wearing fun underwear involves their privacy and self -image problems. Boyfriends should respect their wishes, especially when girlfriends do not want to wear, they should not be forced.

3. Negotiation with girlfriend

It is very important to negotiate whether girlfriends are required to wear sexy underwear.In negotiation, her boyfriend can express his thoughts to his girlfriend, understand his girlfriend’s views and feelings, and try communication and compromise.In the process of negotiation, both parties should try to consider the problem from the perspective of each other to achieve consensus and common interests.

4. Tell your girlfriend your expectations

If your boyfriends have a strong interest in sexy underwear, you can tell your girlfriend your expectations, but don’t force your girlfriend.You can explain the characteristics and advantages of sexy underwear to your girlfriend, so that your girlfriend understands love underwear, and let them choose whether to wear them by themselves.If your girlfriend doesn’t like sexy underwear, her boyfriend can try other ways to increase interest and fun.

5. Choose sexy underwear suitable for girlfriends

If your girlfriend is willing to wear sexy underwear, her boyfriend needs to respect their choices instead of buying their favorite underwear directly.Boyfriend can understand the girlfriend’s preferences and style, and choose a sexy underwear suitable for girlfriends.

6. Do not force your girlfriend to wear a sexy underwear in public

Forcing his girlfriend to wear fun underwear in public will not only make your girlfriend feel embarrassed and uncomfortable, but also destroy the trust and relationship between the two people.Therefore, when forcing his girlfriend to wear sexy underwear, you need to consider the feelings of the people around and his girlfriend.

7. Buy sex underwear with your girlfriend

Boyfriend can invite his girlfriend to choose to buy fun underwear, which can not only increase the intimacy of both sides, but also make the girlfriend feel respected and valued.When buying, her boyfriend can choose underwear according to his girlfriend’s preferences and styles to achieve better results.

8. Interest underwear cannot replace intimacy

Interest underwear just adds a little fun and excitement to sex, but it cannot replace the intimate relationship between the two people.Boyfriends need to meet the needs of their girlfriends as much as possible, so that they can establish sustainable intimate relationships on the basis of trusting and respect for each other.

Viewpoint: On the issue of asking girlfriends to wear sexy underwear, boyfriends need to respect the wishes of their girlfriends, negotiate and communicate, choose sexy underwear suitable for girlfriends, and consider the problem from the perspective of each other to achieve common interests.After all, sexual life is mutual, and the efforts and respect of both parties are required.

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